Blizzard Driving Tips for MA Residents

With 70 degree temperatures in February, we all thought and hoped to be done with severe winter storms, but the biggest snowstorm of the year is expected to hit Massachusetts tomorrow. If you're planning on hitting the roads during the storm, keep … [Read more...]

Don’t Pokémon Go and Drive

When it comes to driving…it’s more like Pokémon NO! Distracted driving of any type can be dangerous, even deadly.  As the latest safety campaign urges drivers to heed the advice “better unread than dead” in re: texting while driving – a similar … [Read more...]

Nighttime Driving Safety Tips for MA Drivers

The official start to summer is upon us and so to is the prospect of spending more time out and about - as well as on the road at night. Whether you are coming home from a week’s vacation on the Cape, returning from a 4th of July or Labor Day BBQ, or … [Read more...]