Summer Pool Safety Tips | Massachusetts Homeowner Tips

Summer is in full swing. With the recent heat wave, you’re probably spending a lot more time in and around pools. Whether it be at your own home or at some other location, pool safety should always be front and center when you have children. Keep these summer pool safety tips in mind.

1. Never Leave Kids Unattended

Never take your eyes off the kids when they are in or around the pool. This is the most important of the summer pool safety tips. It takes just seconds for children to fall into a pool and as little as a minute for children to drown. Even something as innocent as talking on your cell phone can cause you to look away and miss a dangerous situation. When it comes to children, being vigilant about safety is critical.

2. No Running Around the Pool

Kids love to run around pools. There’s just something about the thrill of running and taking a big leap into the water. However, the danger of pools goes beyond drowning. With wet surfaces, a slip and fall on concrete or tile can cause serious injury. Be sure to enforce a strict no running rule around pool areas.

3. Lock Fences and Doors

When not in use, pools can sometimes be even more dangerous. Will you know if your toddler has wandered into the pool area without your knowledge? To be safe, be sure to lock fences surrounding pools and also doors leading out to pools. Consider a high child-safety lock to prevent children from reaching it and/or security system door chimes that alert you to a door being opened.

4. Keep the Water Clean and Clear

Here’s a summer pool safety tip that people don’t often think of,… keep the water looking crystal clear. If you are not the pool owner, only let your children swim in pool water that is clear. We recall, a few years ago, a news story of someone who drowned in a public swimming pool while others swam nearby. The water was so murky that no one was aware that a body was even there! There was another case of a missing child who prompted a missing persons alert, only to be found hours later at the bottom of the family’s algae-filled swimming pool. These sad stories highlight the importance of clear pool water for safety reasons, never mind the health concerns.

5. Learn CPR

The last of our summer pool safety tips is to learn CPR. This is essential if you’re a pool owner or have children. Look for CPR classes offered in your local community. Be sure to learn the difference in how to perform CPR on adults versus children.

More Summer Pool Safety Tips

As a side note, be sure to notify your homeowner’s insurance company if you are installing a pool in your home. Injuries related to the pool or pool activities could result in a claim against your Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance policy. It’s important that you have proper coverage in place before any accidents occur.¬†With the right training, rules, practices, and insurance, you can enjoy the pool this summer with a little extra peace of mind.