Summer Home Safety Tips for MA Residents

It’s finally summer! The kids are out of school, the days are longer and the warm weather is here. As you enjoy these summer months, it’s important to keep home safety in mind as incidents could ruin your summer fun. Here are a few summer home safety tips for MA residents.

Prevent Theft of Bikes and Other Equipment

It never fails,…the kids are riding their bikes outdoors or perhaps you’re returning from a day of outdoor sports. It’s easy to leave your bikes and other sports equipment out in the driveway or in the front lawn, with intentions of putting it away later. It takes but a few minutes for someone to walk away with those expensive items. So, practice good habits and instill those same good habits in your kids by promptly putting away these belongings in a safe and secure location.

Secure the Garage

Garages are often left open in the summer months. Sometimes, it’s done for convenience and other times we simply forget. Garages are a common target for thieves during the summer time. Most are filled with valuable items such as tools or even spare keys to the house. Even if thieves don’t enter the garage while it’s open, that open door may give them a peek at the valuables inside and make your home a target for a later break-in. Therefore, one of our summer home safety tips for MA residents is to keep that garage door closed for your own safety and security.

Secure Spare Keys

With so many people going and coming, you’re more likely to get locked out during the summer months. This means that you probably have a key hidden somewhere. Even if you don’t hide it in the typical places, such as under the doormat or rock, it’s likely that people may see you retrieving the key from your hiding spot. It’s best to keep spare keys in a lockbox rather than hidden in an insecure location. Most combination lockboxes are inexpensive and can be found at your local hardware store.

Don’t Announce Vacations

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some time away from the home. Whether you’re leaving for just a day trip or for several days/weeks, it’s best to keep those plans private. Sharing your plans on social media can make your home an easy target for thieves. Not only will people know that you are not home, they also know that you’re unlikely to return and catch them in the act. For added safety, ask neighbors to watch your home for any unusual activity. If you don’t already have a security system, consider getting one. Wireless security systems are now available and easy to install before you leave.  Taking these precautions are very important for summer home safety.

More Summer Home Safety Tips for MA Residents

Most summer home safety issues occur because you become comfortable and lax about security. Living in a “safe” or “nice” neighborhood does not shield you from the dangers. In fact, thieves commonly target nicer communities because of the lack of security barriers and potentially bigger payoffs. To protect your home this summer, be sure to keep your windows and doors locked. Don’t make your home an easy target by leaving items out/visible, hiding easily accessible spare keys or announcing your vacation plans. The more cautious and aware you are about home security, the safer your home will be.