Keeping Your Home Cool During a Heat Wave

Summer heatWell, all winter long we prayed for warm weather. You’re either now enjoying that your wishes came true or hoping for some not-so-hot days. Here are some ways of keeping your home cool during a heat wave.

Keep It Shut

As you’re looking for ways to cool down your house, the important thing is to keep that hot air out. Shut your windows and doors starting in the early morning so that the heat doesn’t easily enter your home as temperatures rise during the day. If you’re running air conditioning, this will also keep that cold air in and reduce your energy consumption.

Expose the Hardwood

During the winter, you may have placed area rugs throughout your home to help keep it warm. In the summer, consider rolling up those rugs and exposing the hardwood flooring. Hardwood will feel cooler to the touch and will therefore help you stay cool.

Shut Blinds & Curtains

You may normally welcome the bright sun beaming into your home. During a heat wave, this raises the temperatures indoors. To stay cool, shut blinds and curtains.

Rotate Fans Counter Clockwise

If you have ceiling fans in your home, set them counter-clockwise. This creates a nice breeze and will work better during summer months.

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Don’t let this summer heat bring you down! Just remember what you felt like in January when it was freezing cold. Use the tips above to lower the temperature in your home. Keeping yourself cool is just as important as keeping your home cool during a heat wave. Make yourself a nice cold drink and avoid strenuous activity. Temperatures feel less oppressive when you can relax and enjoy the fact that it’s summer!