Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas tree safety tipsChristmas trees make your home festive and bright,… and they smell great too! When purchasing real trees for your home, it’s important to keep these Christmas tree safety tips in mind. They will help keep your home safe for the holidays.

Tree Placement

You won’t be surprised to hear that trees are flammable. Sometimes we simply forget this when it comes to our Christmas trees. One of the most important Christmas tree safety tips involves the placement of your tree. Be sure to keep your tree a safe distance from fireplaces, candles, portable heaters, and anything else that may emit heat.

Proper Watering and Care

Proper watering is critical to prolonging the life of your tree. It can also minimize fire dangers as dry trees become very brittle and fire prone. When you first pick up your tree, be sure to water it multiple times a day. After several days, you may reduce to watering daily. A healthy tree should not shed much.

Tree Lighting

Tree lighting should be a safety concern as well. Select lighting options that generate low heat, such as LED lights. This will also save you money on electricity. Be sure not to connect too many lighting strings together. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on the maximum number of connections. Additionally, most manufacturers recommend that you plug your lighting directly into the wall rather than using extension cords. Some extension cords present a danger of their own, especially if they are outdated. The lights themselves may be outdated too. Avoid using damaged lights or those lacking the UL or ETL/ITSNA safety tag. Lastly, avoid leaving your christmas tree lights on unattended.

Summary of Christmas Tree Safety Tips

As explained above. to minimize the fire dangers of your Christmas tree, you must pay attention to its placement, watering, and lighting. Failure to do so can result in a Christmas tree fire and homeowners insurance claim, which is never fun, especially during the holidays. By remembering the Christmas tree safety tips above, you can help keep your home and family safe this holiday season.