Boston MA Pest Prevention Tips for Homeowners

pest3Spring is right around the corner. As you perform your spring cleaning and other seasonal home maintenance, you may want to think about pest prevention as well. Getting a head start can help maintain a pest free home through the Spring and Summer months. Here are a few Boston MA prevention tips for homeowners.

Storage Considerations

You  may store a lot of different things in or near your property. Some items can be a breeding ground for pests. For example, avoid keeping piles of newspapers in your garage. Mice love to build a nest in such places. Keep food items in solid containers rather than paper boxes (which rodents can easily eat through). Do not store wood immediately near or against your home, as wood piles attract termites and other critters.

Trash Removal & Storage

The smell of trash is a popular attraction for many different types of pests. Use a covered trash bin inside of your home. Promptly and regularly empty the bin to minimize smells that may attract ants. Always place your trash in bags and place them in a secure/covered barrels outside. If raccoons are a common problem, you may also want to spray the interior of your can with ammonia (i.e. glass cleaner) and/or place a heavy brick on the lid.

Food Cleanup

Leaving food out on your countertop or in your sink will attract the attention of ants and other critters. Once they have found a source of food, they will keep coming back. To prevent this from happening, always put away food and clean the dishes in the sink.

Fill Entrance Points

Take a look around the exterior of your home and find any gaps that may be used as an entrance point for pests. Fill those gaps ASAP! This includes any gaps around doors and windows.

More Boston MA Pest Prevention Tips for Homeowners

In addition to the above Boston MA pest prevention tips for homeowners, it’s always a good idea to add traps/bait to areas that may be prone to pests. This can help catch problems early and prevent a major infestation. If you have an existing problem, it is a good idea to enlist the help of an expert. The longer a problem persists, the worse (and more expensive) it will be to correct.