Hidden Dangers in Your Home

here are things in your home that you never really think about, but that can cause big issues. After an incident, you may sit there and wonder why it never even crossed your mind. Don’t let home issues sneak up on you! Here are a few hidden dangers in your home that you should protect against now in order to avoid potential problems later.

Washer Machine Hose Failure

Are you using the same washer machine hoses that came with the house or that were installed 10 years ago? These hoses are actually prone to failure and could result in flooding in your home. How often do you run your machine while you’re not home? Imagine the mess it could create upon your return!

Newer washer machine hoses come with some great safety features such as reinforced burst-resistant materials. Some even include emergency shutoff mechanisms. These options are fairly inexpensive and worth it for the protection they offer. If you have an older hose connected to your washing machine, it’s a good time to update them!

Dryer Vent Fire Hazard

The dryer vent in your laundry room is another of the hidden dangers in your home. A hose typically connects your dryer to the outdoor vent. Lint builds up in this hose over time and can create a fire hazard. Excessive lint can create a blockage. Sometimes, other materials and chemicals can be on your clothes and mix in with that lint. These materials can be flammable. Either way, these hoses become a danger over time. Be sure to clean out your dryer vents on a regular basis to keep your machine operating efficiently and safely.

Carbon Monoxide

During these cold months, carbon monoxide can be a silent killer. CO is emitted from your heating system. An issue with the system or blockage of vent pipes can cause CO gases to enter your home instead of being vented properly to the outdoors. There are a few ways that you can prevent this from happeneing.

  1. Get your heating system cleaned and serviced yearly.
  2. Be aware of where the exhaust pipe is and keep it clear from snow and debris.
  3. Install CO detectors in your home. These are actually required by MA law and should be installed on every living level and near bedrooms.


Mold can be one of the most hidden dangers in your home, slowly growing in hidden spaces and causing health problems. You may not even be aware that your health issues are related to mold growth! As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of mold dangers and to take measures to prevent it. If you have any leaks in your home, be sure to address it thoroughly. For instance, a leaking drain in an upstairs sink may seep into the gap between your ceiling and floor. Water from an ice dam may seep in behind walls. People tend to address the visual aspects of water damage (such as painting over a previously damaged spot) without delving further. This can be a mistake and allow mold to fester unseen for years.