Registering a New Vehicle in MA

Getting ready to buy a new car? What an exciting time! You will need to perform a few tasks to get your new vehicle registered. Here’s what you need to know about registering a new vehicle in MA:

Step 1 – Fill Out RMV-1 Form

The RMV-1 form is your application for title and registration. Fill out this form. If you purchased your vehicle from a dealer, your dealer can provide you with this form.

Step 2 – Get MA Auto Insurance

In the state of Massachusetts, all cars must be insured. Contact us for a free quote on Massachusetts auto insurance rates and for information on different ways that you can save money on your insurance policy. We will stamp and sign your RMV-1 form as verification of insurance.

Step 3 – Submit Paperwork to RMV

Bring your RMV-1 form along with a bill of sale to your local RMV office. If you purchased the vehicle from a dealer, additional forms are required. In many cases, your dealer may even complete this step for you and save you a trip to the RMV. At registration, you must pay applicable registration fees, sales tax, and a title fee (if applicable). You will receive a registration certificate along with vehicle plates.

Step 4- Vehicle Inspection

After registering your vehicle, you must get it inspected within 7 days. The inspection ensures that your vehicle meets federal and state regulations for safety and emissions. This inspection must be repeated every year. There are inspection stations located throughout the state at gas stations, repair shops, etc.

Step 5 – Insurance Inspection

Most insurance companies require an inspection to evaluate the condition of your vehicle. This will be referenced in any future claims that you submit. Obviously, your insurance company will not want to be responsible for repairing any pre-existing damage to your vehicle. This step is not required on brand new cars.

More on Registering a New Vehicle in MA

When purchasing a vehicle from a private party, you must complete all of the above steps yourself. If purchasing from a dealership, they may complete steps 1 and 3 for you, making registering a new vehicle in MA a little bit easier. Should you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.