Tips for Driving in Winter Storms in MA

winter driving tipsThe snow is beautiful at this time of year, although it may not be so pleasant driving through a winter storm. MA auto insurance claims often increase at this of year due to winter driving accidents. Avoid the headache of an accident by remembering these tips for driving in winter storms in MA.

Reduce Your Speed

Yes, this might be an obvious one but it’s too important not to mention. Although the roads may “seem” clear, winter weather creates slippery conditions. It’s best to reduce your speed. Slower speeds will also give you a little more time to respond to any road hazards.

Turn on Headlights

Headlights are not only important during evening driving. During a snowstorm, visibility may be reduced. Turning on your headlights allows other drivers to better see you.

Use Your Washer Fluid

Check your windshield washer fluid tank frequently and keep the tank filled. When driving during a storm, clean your windshield often. Snow build-up will reduce your ability to see the road and your surroundings.

Keep a Safe Distance from Plows

Winter is only beginning and there have already been several accidents related to street plows. Most of them have occurred as drivers grew impatient and tried to pass plows. MassDOT is warning drivers, “Don’t Crowd the Plow”.

Watch Out for Pedestrians

Hitting other cars on the roadways is not the only winter driving hazard. It’s important to be aware of pedestrians as well, especially once the snow banks start growing in height. Approach intersections and crosswalks with caution. Always stop for school buses with blinking lights and be aware of children who may be walking around the bus or crossing the streets.

Other Thoughts on Driving During Winter Storms in MA

Increased driving times during winter storms can be frustrating, but it’s important to remain calm and careful. Getting into an accident with another vehicle or, worse, with a pedestrian will certainly not help you get to your destination any faster. Take extra precautions to help improve everyone’s safety along the roads by remembering these tips for driving during winter storms in MA.