MA Winter Car Maintenance Tips

winter car maintenanceIt’s the first day of winter, although the freezing temperatures seemed to arrive ahead of time! As you adjust to the cold weather, remember to give your car a little extra attention and care. Here are a few MA winter car maintenance tips that may help.

Check Coolant

Coolant prevents your engine from freezing in this weather. Be sure to check your coolant levels and add fluid as needed. Check now and at certain intervals throughout the winter months.

Add and Refill Washer Fluid Frequently

Washer fluid is an absolute must for winter driving. You’ll find yourself constantly using washer fluid, especially in highway driving. Be sure to fill up your washer fluid tank and keep extra fluid on hand. Check it weekly, especially with heavy usage. Running out of fluid can be extremely dangerous as a dirty windshield will impair your visibility.

Keep the Gas Tank Full

If you have been through a few Massachusetts winters, then you probably recall the traffic mess that occurs during a winter storm. The only thing worse than getting stuck in a winter  traffic jam is running out of gas while stuck in traffic. It’s a good idea to keep your tank filled during the winter to avoid such issues.

Check Tire Pressure

Because of Deflategate, you probably already know that cold weather can affect air pressure inside of footballs. The same goes for tires. It’s important to monitor your tire pressure so that your tires are properly inflated and will grip the road surface. Low tire pressure can also damage your tires by wearing them down quickly or causing the tread to separate. For safety and to avoid the expense of buying new tires, check your tire pressure regularly.

A Few More MA Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Right before an expected snow storm or sub-zero temperatures, there are a few things that you can do to prep your car. First, lift the wiper blades and cover them. This prevents them from freezing to the windshield or being covered by snow. Secondly, add some grease to your car doors. They are less likely to freeze shut with a little grease.

These are just a few helpful tips to consider this winter as your brave the cold weather here in Massachusetts. Stay warm and safe this winter!