Common Reasons for Driver’s License Suspensions in MA

suspended driver's license in MAIn the state of Massachusetts, there are many different reasons that you may receive a ticket or even license suspension. Although the specific circumstances of a driver and incident may be a factor, there are some general guidelines followed. Below are the most common reasons for driver’s license suspensions in MA.

Operating Under the Influence (OUI)

OUI results in automatic license suspension. The suspension period depends on the number of offenses. For your first offense, your license would be suspended for 180 days (if you are 21 years of age or older). The timeframe increases to 2 years for the second offense and 8 years for the third. It is possible that your license may be permanently suspended if you continue to operate under the influence.

Repeated Offenses

Repeat offenses are a common cause of driver’s license suspensions in MA. This includes drivers who have been convicted of three major violations such as reckless driving or OUI (as noted above). Receiving a large number of violations (i.e. 12+ within a 5 year period) is also cause for license suspension.

Use of Fake IDs

If you are caught using a fake or altered ID, then your license may be suspended anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. Included in this category is falsifying information when applying for a state issued ID or driver’s license.

Creating a Danger to the Public

If a court deems you an immediate danger to other drivers, then your license may be suspended. This category is more broad and left open for interpretation. It may include medical conditions that may inhibit your ability to drive safely, street racing, leaving the scene of an accident, operating a vehicle dangerously, etc.

Other Reasons for Driver’s License Suspensions in MA

The above are just a few of the most common reasons for license suspension. There are other reasons for suspensions that may or may not be related to your ability to operate a vehicle. For example, individuals convicted of a drug offense, neglecting┬áto register as a sex offender, failing to pay child support, or owing Massachusetts income back-taxes may also have their licenses suspended. For a complete list of reasons for driver’s license suspensions in MA and other important driving laws, visit┬áthe Registry of Motor Vehicles Website.