Back to School Safety Tips for MA Drivers

You may be wondering what driving safety tips have to do with back to school. Every year, once school starts, the number of accidents involving Massachusetts drivers and student pedestrians increases. Naturally, with more kids walking to and from school and/or getting on and off the bus, there are more opportunities for an incident to occur. Just as students need to take safety precautions, so do drivers. Be sure to keep in mind these Back to School Safety Tips for MA Drivers.

School Bus Safety

Stop for School Buses

We really can’t stress this one enough. It is critical that you stop when you see a school bus with its lights blinking and/or with it’s stop sign extended. This applies to all roads, including ones with multiple lanes and median dividers. We know that it can be painful to be stuck behind a school bus moving slowly and making frequent stops, but stopping is the law! It’s also extremely important for the safety of the children getting on and off those buses.

Slow Down Around Buses

Even if a bus no longer has its lights on or stop sign out, you should still reduce your speed when near a school bus. It’s possible that children who’ve just left the bus will be crossing the street or somehow end up in your path. Reducing your speed allows you to better react to a child darting in front of your car.

Driving Near Schools

The 20 mile per hour speed limit around school zones may seem painfully slow. However, there’s a very good reason for it. With so many children around, anything could happen. By reducing your speed, you can quickly stop if needed. This drastically reduces the potential for accidents involving children.

Pickup and Drop Off Procedures

Most schools have guidelines for parents picking up and dropping of their children. Be sure to follow these rules as they are meant to keep everyone safe. If possible, avoiding having your child cross the street to get to your vehicle. Additionally, never double park. This creates a hazard for both pedestrians and other drivers. Lastly, be sure to constantly check your surroundings for children in your blind spot.

Young Drivers

The number of new teenage drivers increases during the school year.  With little experience, these drivers may not always make the right decisions when it comes to driving etiquette. Don’t assume that other drivers on the road will do what they should do. Always be overly cautious to avoid potential collisions.

More on Back to School Safety Tips for MA Drivers

By being a more cautious and considerate driver, you can help reduce the number of accidents involving students. This is certainly worthwhile as no one wants the stress and burden of such an accident. It will also help keep your auto insurance premiums low. For more safety tips for MA drivers and other helpful information regarding MA auto insurance, be sure to follow us on Facebook!