Avoiding Road Rage | Tips for Massachusetts Drivers

Avoiding Road RageRoad rage incidents typically increase during the summer months. Perhaps it’s the heat or it’s the desire not to be sitting in traffic when the weather is beautiful. In reality, driving in Massachusetts, and especially in the city, requires patience on any day. When you think about it, road rage incidents benefit no one. It can result in physical and financial harm to you and others if you engage in a road rage incident. There are many different ways of avoiding road rage incidents. Here are a few tips for Massachusetts drivers.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Let’s face it, we all have less patience when we’re in a rush. We also tend to drive more aggressively in order to reach our destination more quickly. Unfortunately, this can often invite road rage incidents. Yes, this is a nice way of saying that others drivers may be upset because you’re driving a bit crazy as you’re rushing. You may also have less patience for other drivers and their speed. Check traffic patterns on your route ahead of time and try to leave early for important appointments. This will help prevent hurried driving.

Allow Others to Pass

If someone is tailgating you or driving inconsiderately, rather than holding your ground on principle, just let them pass! Perhaps in this scenario, they’re the ones in a rush. The fact is, it’s not worth it to make that situation into a more serious incident. By moving over and allowing them to pass, you’re choosing to take the high road and not to engage.

Avoid Hostility

Anger and hostility will not resolve any situation on the roads. That is simply a fact. You may not be able to control how others act, but you have complete control over how you do. You can choose to get mad, yell, make gestures, use your car as a weapon, and put your life at risk,… or you can choose not to. You getting upset and acting on it does not benefit you in any way. If anything, it worsens your mental and physical health. So, make a conscious choice to not let those situations upset you.

Avoiding Road Rage

If you’re having a rough day or finding yourself getting upset while driving, take a deep breath, turn on some good music, and find a happy place. Do not engage with other drivers, even if they’re on the verge of road rage. Do not make eye contact, or better yet, make an apologetic gesture (even if you were not at fault to begin with). You may be surprised at how that can help calm others down or make them realize that they are over-reacting.

More Tips for MA Drivers

There are lots of dangerous people out there. You really don’t know if the person you’re interacting with is mentally unstable or down right violent. They could also be carrying a weapon. Is the minor incident worth your very life? The answer is always “no!”. Plus, the only thing even worse than being upset at another driver is going to jail or having expensive car repairs as a result. It truly is not worth all that trouble. So, swallow your pride and avoid road rage incidents altogether. You’ll be a much happier and healthier person as a result.