Avoid Forgetting Children in Cars

Every year, you hear of children dying in hot cars because a parent forgot them in the back seat. If you’re like most parents, you can’t imagine how someone could forget their child. You also think that it would never happen to you. The reality is that most of these cases involve good parents who simply had a memory lapse for one reason or another. They are honest mistakes by devastated parents. Quite frankly, anyone could make the same mistake of forgetting children in cars.

Why Parents Forget

In most cases, parents do not intentionally leave their child in a hot car. Children often fall asleep inside cars and parents may simply forget that they are back there. Many are under a lot of stress at home or work, or are running late and in a rush. In those moments, it can be easy to forget just about anything.

Tips on Avoiding Forgetting Children in Cars

Whether you are generally a forgetful person or not, it’s a good idea to take some steps to ensure that you never forget your child. Here are a few ideas…

  • Place your bag or purse in the back seat so that you are sure to open the back door before exiting the vehicle.
  • Place one of your child’s belongings (i.e. diaper bag, baby toy) in the front seat of the car with you.
  • Set a reminder/alert on your phone to drop off your child at school or daycare.
  • Make arrangements with your child care provider to call you anytime your child does not arrive at the expected time. This is a good general safety procedure to have in place for other reasons.
  • Have an arrangement with your spouse to check in with one another every morning. It can also be a good relationship routine to say hello and wish each other a great day at work.
  • Install a Smart Phone App that specifically reminds you.

If your routine has changed, you are more likely to forget your child. It’s natural for the brain to go on auto-pilot and follow your normal course of activity. In such cases, be extra conscious/vigilant about your responsibilities to avoid forgetting children in cars.

General Car Safety

During the summer months, the temperature inside of a car can quickly get to dangerous levels. Even on a 70 degree day, the temperature inside of a car will be much higher. Never, ever, leave children in cars even if you only plan to make a quick stop. Although it may be inconvenient to wake and/or take your child with you, leaving children in cars can result in serious and possibly fatal injuries. Stay safe this summer and remember the tips above to avoid forgetting children in cars.