MA Winter Car Accident Tips

MA winter car accident tipsWinter is just beginning. Although there hasn’t been much snow yet, we still have a long way to go. If you find yourself in an accident this winter, it is important to remain safe in what may be unsafe conditions that resulted in the accident to begin with. Here are a few MA winter car accident tips to keep in mind.

Pull Over to Safety

Slippery or poor visibility conditions often cause winter car accidents. If you are involved in a minor fender bender on the highway, be sure to pull over to a safe location. Avoid left medians and break down lanes, if possible. Cars will pass by much more quickly on the left side, creating more safety concerns. There is often more space on the right side of the highway and slower passing traffic.

Use Hazard Lights

It is important that you immediately activate your hazard lights when involved in an accident. This alerts other drivers and also prevents them from mistaking you for regular traffic. If you own a newer vehicle, it may even come equipped with reflective hazard signs or road flares that you can place behind your vehicle after you’ve pulled over. Anything that can help alert other drivers to be cautious when approaching your vehicle will be helpful.

Move to Safety

In some cases, your vehicle may be disabled and directly in the roadway. You may need to decide whether you remain in or exit your vehicle. If you are in a center lane, it is never safe to walk across lanes of fast moving traffic. It’s best to stay in your car and fasten your seat belts. Getting hit by another car while in your vehicle will be safer than getting hit while exiting or walking around your vehicle. If you do decide to exit, do so quickly and travel a safe distance away from potential secondary accidents.

Other MA Winter Car Accident Tips

The cold weather presents additional dangers after winter car accidents. It is critical to remain warm and visible while you await help. Consider keeping an emergency kit in your trunk. Helpful items to include in that kit are:

  • Warm Blankets
  • Extra Clothing
  • Hand Warmers
  • Flash Lights
  • Bottled Water
  • Basic Snacks/Food Such as Granola Bars
  • Matches or a Lighter
  • Flares

The above are just a few MA Winter Car Accident Tips to help you stay safe this winter. Make sure your car is properly insured this winter. Give us a call for a free quote!