Boston MA Condo Sales |2nd Quarter Average Prices

Below is the Boston MA condo sales report for 2nd quarter average prices. It compares this past quarter to the same timeframe during previous years. This provides a helpful overview of how the condo market is performing in Boston.

Boston MA Condo Sales

The average price of homes sold in Boston MA for the 2nd quarter increased 8.75% from $725,448 (in 2015) to $788,907 (in 2016). This after it increased 10.79% from $654,774 (in 2014) to $725,448 (in 2015). Before that was a 10.52% change. This shows a consistent incline over the last 4 years.

2nd Quarter Average Price Of Homes Sold

2012 $552,376
2013 $592,469
2014 $654,774
2015 $725,448
2016 $788,907

Boston MA Condo Sales Report Summary

The Boston market continues to be strong. For homeowners looking to sell, it seems like a great time to act and take advantage of high home prices. For buyers who purchased over the last few years, this is also fantastic news since it is likely that you have equity in your condo already! These statistics were compiled from third party sources including public records and the MLS Property Information Network, Inc. They are intended to provide a general overview of the market, are not guaranteed accurate, and may not include every condo sold in Boston.