Increase in Pedestrian Accidents in Boston


You’ve probably heard in the news lately about the increase in pedestrian accidents in Boston. During 2016, the number of pedestrian accidents increased 15% compared to the previous year. In the first month of this year (2017), there have already been over a dozen pedestrian accidents. This is becoming a big issue for pedestrians and drivers alike.


Measures to Increase Pedestrian Safety

In an effort to slow down the increase in pedestrian accidents in Boston, the the default speed limit has been reduced from 30 mph to 25 mph. This applies to any roads without speed limit signs that say otherwise. This new speed limit is now in effect throughout the city. Drivers should be aware of this change as that extra 5 miles per hour could result in speeding tickets. Speeding is a moving violation that comes with a fine plus increased insurance rates at your next auto insurance renewal period. Therefore, the penalties are much more and longer-lasting than the amount listed on your ticket.

Pedestrian Safety is Good for MA Drivers Too

Any type of accident can be a costly and difficult process,… even more so if you are determined to be at fault. While you may have the protection of your vehicle, pedestrians hit by cars can be severely injured. With that comes high medical expenses, loss of wages, and more. Your MA auto insurance may cover the accident, but it’s important to note that your coverage has limits. You could be held liable for any damages beyond your insurance coverage. To top it off, your auto insurance rates will increase as well. It’s really a no-win situation.

How Drivers Can Help Address the Increase in Pedestrian Accidents in Boston

Boston drivers have the most influence and ability to decrease pedestrian accident rates in Boston. First, heeding speed limits and reducing speeds even further in high pedestrian traffic areas will go a long way. Secondly, remain aware.Between the traffic, lights, street signs, and pedestrians, there are a lot of moving pieces in city driving. Avoid distractions so that you can quickly detect and react to any road hazards or pedestrian situations. Avoiding accidents will eliminate a huge stress and help keep your MA auto insurance rates low.