Importance of Clearing Snow Off Your Car

It’s one day after a big snow storm. This may be surprising, but many cars on the road today still have piles of snow on them! This is both dangerous and illegal. We can’t stress enough the importance of clearing snow off your car. Here’s why.

1. It’s Dangerous

Snow on cars is dangerous both on the highway and on side streets. On the highway, snow on your hood can blow towards your windshield and reduce visibility. It can also blow off your car and become a hazard for other drivers. Big chunks of snow can hit windshields of other cars and cause damage or, at the very least, startle those drivers. At high speeds, any of these things can result in accidents.

On side roads, driving with snow on your car is equally dangerous. When your car comes to a stop, the momentum can push snow down from the roof to your windshield. With enough snow, your visibility will be impaired. It will also create a distraction. Anything that distracts you or affects your visibility while driving can lead to accidents.

2. You Can Get Ticketed

In Massachusetts, you can receive a ticket for failing to remove snow from your vehicle. Although there is no law specific to snow on cars, you can be ticketed for having items that obstruct your view or for failing to secure a load (which creates dangerous driving conditions). In fact, state police in Massachusetts often issue warnings about these dangerous and their intent to ticket drivers.

More on the Importance of Clearing Snow Off Your Car

Although clearing snow off your car can be a pain, especially after a big storm, the cost and headaches from a ticket or accident would be far worse. For the safety of you and other drivers around you, clear off the snow from your car before hitting the roads.