Tips for Teen Drivers in Massachusetts

Getting your license is a huge milestone. There is so much to learn, and much of it will come with experience. As you enter the adult world of driving, here are some helpful tips for teen drivers in Massachusetts.

Understanding Driving Restrictions

tips for teen drivers in MassachusettsThere are certain restrictions for teen drivers in Massachusetts. Make sure you are fully aware of them. For example, for the first 6 months of obtaining your license, you may not drive a car with a passenger under 18 years of age. There is an exception is someone is in your front passenger seat who is over age 21, has a valid driver’s license, and has been licensed for over a year. There is also an exception for family members.

Another restriction involves cell phone use. All drivers in MA are prohibited from texting while driving. Teen drivers are not allowed to use cell phones at all while driving. These restrictions are intended to minimize distractions and keep you safe, so be sure to abide by them.

Reducing Accident Risks

The potential for accidents increases under certain conditions. Be aware of these so that you can adjust your driving techniques accordingly.

  1. Distractions – If you are distracted while driving, you will have less time to react to a road hazard. Minimize distractions from the radio, phone, and passengers in your car.
  2. Inclement Weather – Take precautions when driving in inclement weather. The roads will be slicker and visibility may be reduced. Consider lowering your speed and drive with extra caution.
  3. Night Driving – Accidents are also more likely at night. Take it a little slower at night and pay close attention to everything around you.

These are all very important tips for teen drivers in Massachusetts.

Saving Money on MA Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers

Insurance is very expensive for new drivers. Your inexperience will lead you to make some mistakes, resulting in insurance claims. Therefore, Massachusetts insurance companies view you as high risk and will charge you a higher premium. Before buying a car of your own, be sure to request a free auto insurance quote. Also, as one of the most important tips for teen drivers in Massachusetts is to drive carefully! Avoid accidents and moving violations as these will only increase your insurance rates even further. A good driving history will help you reduce those high insurance rates over time.

There are a few other specific ways that you can save money on auto insurance for teen drivers in Massachusetts. Most insurance companies offer a discount for those who take driver’s education. Some even offer a discount for good grades. You should always shop around and compare rates. Also remember that the type of car you select is very important. Those with high theft rates tend to be more expensive to insure.

For additional advice and information on MA auto insurance for teen drivers, give us a call!