Reducing Heating Expenses During MA Winters

wood stovesHome heating expenses can sky rocket during winter, especially with the frigid temperatures recently. There are many different ways that you can help minimize some of that costs. Consider these tips on reducing heating expenses during MA winters.

Dress Warmer

Many of us prefer to wear something light and comfortable while at home. Putting on an extra layer of a sweater and slippers during winter months will keep you warmer. As a result, you will not need the thermostat to be set as high to remain comfortable in your home. This reduced temperature will lower your heating costs.

Add Warmth with Furnishings

Just as you may change the items in your closet from season to season, you may also want to change the furnishings in your home. If you have any extra area rugs, it’s time to roll those out. Carpeting helps your home retain heat better. It’s almost like an extra layer of insulation. Heavier curtains (even insulated ones) can also help. Leaving extra blankets on the sofa and in other areas will help you snuggle up and feel warm without upping the thermostat.

Keep Doors Closed

Every time you open an exterior door, you are allowing valuable heat to escape your home. Your heating system must then work a little harder to replenish that lost warmth. If you have a layered entry way, simply close one door before opening the next. This will prevent a completely open air flow to the outdoors. Be more diligent about keeping your doors closed is definitely important to reducing heating expenses during MA winters.

Cover Windows and Doors

If you have drafty windows and/or doors, cold air may constantly be entering your home. Visit your local hardware store for some winterizing supplies. Clear caulk is often useful for sealing any gaps. There are also clear plastic window coverings available. Modern ones are designed to be almost invisible when installed correctly. Anything that you can do to help seal up your home will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

Keep a Consistent Temperature

If you drastically change the thermostat temperature throughout the day, your heating system must work harder to restore the temperature in your home. Typically, this uses more energy than keeping a consistent temperature. This is particularly true for forced hot water systems that take a long time to heat up to begin with. Learn about your specific heating system and what the manufacturer recommends for optimal efficiency during winter months.

Reducing Heating Expenses During MA Winters

Sometimes a seemingly minor change can make a big difference in your heating bill. Try the above tips. We hope that they help with reducing heating expenses during MA winters. For additional tips and guidance, follow Gorman Insurance on FaceBook.