Reasons to Keep College Students on Your Auto Insurance Policy

As the school year comes to an end, many of our customers have children heading off to college in a few months. Although your children may not be taking a car to school, there are several reasons to keep college students on your auto insurance policy.

They May Drive a Friend’s Car

Your kids may not have a car at school, but their friends may. Is there a chance that your children will drive a friend’s car? Perhaps it’s to run a quick errand or to be a designated driver after a college party. Keeping your children active on your policy ensures that they are properly protected in case of an accident.

They May Come Home to Visit

Most college kids come home at some point during the school year, whether it be for a short weekend visit or longer school break. During that time, they are likely to drive one or more of the family cars. Children, even when away at college for part of the year, still maintain a legal residence at your home. Therefore, they must be listed on your auto policy in order to be covered. Failure to do so could result in denial of any claims filed for accidents where your children were driving!

More Reasons to Keep College Students on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Keeping your college-age children on your policy may not be as expensive as you think. Some insurance companies offer Student Driver Away discounts. These are lower rates for students who drive only occasionally while at school. Contact Gorman Insurance to learn more about this and other ways to save on your policy while keeping your family protected with Massachusetts auto insurance.