Optional Car Insurance Coverages in MA

Optional car insurance coverage in MAWhen it comes to buying car insurance, there are certain coverages that are required by Massachusetts law. There are also optional car insurance coverages in MA worth considering. Although these are not legally required, you should definitely compare the cost to the benefits of each. Here are a few examples:

Windshield Replacement

Living and driving in Massachusetts often means encountering different road hazards. A rock being flung into your windshield is one of them! If the cost of replacing a windshield will create a financial hardship for you, it might be a good idea to purchase windshield replacement coverage.

Rental Insurance

If you have only one car in your household and absolutely need it for your daily work and personal activities, then you’ll want to consider car rental insurance. If your car is in an accident, rental coverage will cover the cost of a rental vehicle for a certain dollar value per day and a certain number of days. You can use this during the time that your car is in the shop or while you search for a new car (if your old one was totaled).

GAP Insurance

All cars depreciate at different rates. Sometimes, your car can depreciate too fast. You could end up owing more money on your loan than the car is worth. If your car gets totaled, imagine that your insurance proceeds aren’t enough to pay off your loan. You would have to pay an additional amount out of pocket. That’s where GAP insurance comes in. It prevents you from having to pay out-of-pocket in this scenario.

Other Optional Car Insurance Coverage in MA

In additional to the 3 common items listed above, there are many other options that may be offered by your Massachusetts insurance company. Be sure to ask your insurance agent about your options and the costs associated with each one. You may be surprised at how affordable some of them are. For a free quote, contact Gorman Insurance today!