MA Auto Insurance and Racing – What You Should Know

Auto racing is becoming a popular sport. A few race tracks in New England allow drivers to bring their own vehicles and race on specially designed tracks. Participating in such sports carry high risk and is not typically covered by your MA auto insurance policy. Here’s what you should know before hitting the tracks.

MA Auto Insurance Policy Exclusions

Most standard MA auto insurance policies contain fine print regarding the racing of vehicles. Whether you are racing on formal tracks or are participating in illegal road races, your auto insurance policy likely excludes coverage when participating in such activity. This means that if you’re in an accident while racing, your vehicle will not be covered for damages! Personal injury protection may also be unlikely.

MA Auto Insurance Coverage for Track Racing

For track racing, inquire with the venue as to what insurance coverage options there may be. Some tracks provide insurance coverage or can refer you to a company that does. Some tracks may even require the purchase of a policy in order to use their venue. Insurance coverage for such activity is often very high given the high risk and increased likelihood of an accident. After all, you’re not a professional race car driver with proven expertise.

What You Should Know About MA Auto Insurance and Racing

With any sport, there’s inherent risk. With auto racing, there’s increased risk of damage to your vehicle and personal injury. Don’t participate in auto racing without understanding this and obtaining proper coverage for you and your vehicle. Note that street racing is NEVER covered as it is illegal.

Additionally, if you’re tracking your car, you’ve probably put some money into modifications for speed and performance. One small mistake could erase that investment and result in additional costs for medical expenses. Do your research and obtain proper MA auto insurance coverage and personal injury protection ahead of time.