Auto Insurance Claims Amid Coronavirus Concerns

As we all find ways to cope with these unusual circumstances, the insurance industry is doing the same. Many companies are adjusting procedures to include precautions for Coronavirus. If you get into an accident, here’s what you need to know about auto insurance claims amid coronavirus concerns.

Filing Auto Insurance Claims

Phone support lines are busier than usual during these difficult times. The easiest way to file a claim is to submit your information online. Most insurance companies that we work with have an online portal to view your account information and submit claims. Click here for a list of companies and links to their websites. Be sure to provide as much information as possible, including police reports and photos.

Appraisal of Damages

Prior to Coronavirus, auto appraisers would visit your home and/or auto body shops to view damages to your vehicle and provide appraisals. This practice is on hold with many companies. Instead, you may be asked to submit photos of your vehicle. Be as thorough as you can, taking pictures of all damages and from different angles. For instance, take shots that show the entire car and then closeups of the damaged areas. If damages extend to the bottom or internal areas of your car, take photos of that too. The more pictures that you provide, the better! You may also want to play with the flash settings and lighting to make details more visible.

Communicating With Insurance Reps

Most insurance offices are closed, but their staff are working from home. The best way to communicate regarding auto insurance claims amid Coronavirus concerns is via electronic methods, such as email or messaging features on their website or phone app. This keeps a record of your communication and also allows different team members to step in and answer your questions.

Summary of Auto Insurance Claims Amid Coronavirus Concerns

You should always report accidents and file claims as soon as possible. The processing times for claims may be longer than usual, so be patient. Everyone is still adapting to operating under different restrictions and precautions, but we’ll all make it through this together. We hope that this information on auto insurance claims amid Coronavirus was helpful. We wish you all health and safety.