Motorcycle Safety Tips for Massachusetts Drivers


Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most exhilarating feelings you will ever have. That being said, high speeds with no enclosure, seat belts or airbags to protect you from an accident certainly makes it more dangerous than other types of vehicles. It is extremely important to take safety precautions to avoid an accident or injury. Below are some motorcycle safety tips if you are considering hitting the open road.

Obtain the Proper License 

Some states require you to have a motorcycle license, but there are benefits of obtaining the proper license even if you live elsewhere. A motorcycle safety class will walk you through the basics of owning and operating a motorcycle. They start off with classroom exercises and demonstrations to help you understand the bike itself. You then get to try your hand at riding on 250cc motorcycle. These bikes are slower and lighter than their more powerful counterparts, so you can ease into becoming a rider. When you provide a course completion slip to the DMV, you will be granted a motorcycle license with no additional testing. You also receive a discount on motorcycle insurance, as they see you are taking the proper steps to ride safely.

Get Insured

Accidents happen. Motorcycles sit on two wheels, so they are prone to tipping over. Wet leaves, sand and rain can also cause the bike to slip out from under you. Making sure you are covered will help you replace any damaged property and cover medical bills for a serious crash. Motorcycle insurance is cheaper than car insurance, depending on the bike, and will offer you peace of mind while riding.

Make Sure Your Bike Is Tuned

Most riders start on a used motorcycle. Bringing the bike in for a tune-up is the easiest way to protect yourself from a mechanical failure. If you are planning on longer rides, you may want to take a motorcycle repair class to understand how to fix minor issues that you might encounter. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere can be scary, but with a few hand tools and some knowledge you can get yourself out of there easily. Leaks, bald tires and dim lights can lead to an accident, so be sure to also properly inspect your motorcycle before each ride.

Wear The Right Gear and Ride Defensively

It’s all too common to see riders without helmets, gloves, jackets or boots. Lack of riding gear is not a fashion statement and should not be considered “cool”. This gear was created to save your life in the event of an accident. Motorcycle safety courses often show you the results of an accident to help drive this point home. A helmet keep bugs, sand and debris out of your face when riding and protects your most valuable asset, your brain. Jackets, riding pants and gloves will ensure your largest organ, you’re epidermis (skin), is protected from road rash. Finally, the right riding shoes will save your feet from pipe burns, road rash and being crushed. The right gear should be accompanied by the right riding style as well. Always look both ways, make sure the driver in front of you can see you in his/her mirrors and stay within speed limits.

Final Note On Motorcycle Safety Tips 

Motorcycle riders can get a bad name for putting themselves and others in danger. A safe rider understands the responsibility of riding a bike and does everything possible protect themselves and their passengers. Riding a motorcycle should be a source of pleasure, not fear. Follow these tips and you will see just how fun owning and operating a motorcycle can be! For any insurance needs or questions, contact Gorman Insurance. We will help you select the right coverage and protection options.