Does MA Homeowners Insurance Cover Food Poisoning?

turkeyThe holiday season is upon us and for many that means joyful reunions with friends and family members, cocktail parties, football game gatherings, and of course…consuming lots of food! From Thanksgiving through the New Year we’ll be imbibing and ingesting all the traditional treats and perhaps sampling some creative new cuisines. For many, that also brings with it the fear of packing on a few extra pounds. We rarely consider if the opposite were to happen – weight loss and/or severe illness due to a dreaded food poisoning incident? What if one of those “creative new cuisines” actually causes a food-borne fiasco? As a host, you may be wondering – does MA homeowners insurance cover food poisoning? Could you be held liable?

Liability Protection

Most homeowners insurance policies contain liability protection that covers food poisoning if a guest were to get sick while dining at your home. This protection would likely cover the cost of a visit to the ER but there may be limitations on the amount of additional coverage provided.

Coverage for Legal Action

You may also want to determine what coverage exists in the event that said sickened guest decides to sue for damages and/or medical expenses in relation to the food poisoning claim. Many homeowners insurance liability policies generally protect you for this type of legal action but the minimum amounts and circumstances vary. It’s best to check with your insurance agent about the specifics of your individual policy and whether you should purchase an umbrella insurance policy for additional coverage.

Hosting but Hiring a Caterer

Here’s another twist to the question of coverage. What if you are not cooking the food to be served but are using a hired company to cater the event? In this case, you should speak with the catering company as they should have their own liability insurance policy that would handle any food poisoning issues.

Does MA Homeowners Insurance Cover Food Poisoning

So there you have it…a quick guide to that unpleasant inquiry: “does MA homeowners insurance cover food poisoning?” The short answer is yes, but with specific limits. Don’t let a fear of food consumption (in excess or otherwise) spoil your holiday fun! Eat, drink, and be merry – your policy has you covered!