Hazard and Liability Insurance for Massachusetts Homes

There are two types of insurance: hazard and liability. Most homeowners insurance policies include both. However, as a homeowner, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. The following is an overview of hazard and liability insurance for Massachusetts homes.

Hazard Insurance

Hazard insurance covers the physical property from damage. Your mortgage company requires it to protect the collateral used for your loan. It covers damage caused by things like fire, vandalism, and certain weather related issues.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is aimed at protecting you as a homeowner. It covers circumstances for which you may be sued and held liable. Coverage includes both personal injury and property damage, and typically covers legal services to defend yourself agains such lawsuits. For instance, if someone slips while walking up your driveway, that would fall under liability insurance.

Why You Need Both Hazard and Liability Insurance for Massachusetts Homes

As a homeowner, you need to protect both your property and yourself from certain risks. Damages and your resulting liability can be quite costly. You will also want to pay attention to policy limits for both hazard and liability insurance for Massachusetts homes since you would be personally responsible for anything above those amounts. It may be a good idea to purchase an additional umbrella policy for added coverage. Contact Gorman Insurance to review your existing policy and/or to inquire about additional coverage.