7 Things Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover

Things Homeowners Insurance Policies Do Not CoverWe’ve got you covered. Or do we? When you signed on the dotted line for homeowners insurance, did you really review the policy? Many times, homeowners assume certain types of damages are included but often learn too late that a problem is not covered. Your standard homeowners insurance policy protects you from losses due to things like fire or theft – but what about flooding or mold issues? Basic coverage usually safeguards you from damage to your dwelling (home and anything attached, i.e. deck, garage); other structures on your property (fences, shed, detached garage, etc.); personal property (up to a certain value); and liability for injuries on your property. However, there are many other problems that can arise that will require extra insurance. Let’s take a look at 7 things Massachusetts homeowners insurance does not cover…

1. Flooding

Regardless of whether you live in a flood zone or not – damages from floods are not covered by homeowners insurance. If you have any concerns about the location of your property and/or the potential for flood damage, it is best to speak to your agent about adding a separate policy for protection.

2. Earthquakes

Earthquakes or any ground movement causing sinkholes or landslides is not covered by your policy. Yikes,…that’s a scary thought. This is another instance where you will need to add extra coverage to ensure that you are protected – especially if you live in a high-risk area.

3. Injuries by Dogs

If you own a dog, your best bet is to disclose this information to your insurance company ahead of time to determine whether you will need to add extra coverage. Many companies do not cover [what are considered] high-risk breeds or any dogs that have a history of aggression. You don’t want to discover this after an attack for which you may be liable.

4. Trampolines

In a similar vein, injuries from trampolines are far too common and pose too much of a risk for insurance companies to cover. So, if you’ve purchased the ever-popular trampoline for your yard, make sure to protect yourself with an add-on to your policy.

5. Sewer Back ups

Not only will this be a most unpleasant experience, it will be an expensive one too! Clean up and restoration from sewage damage can range from $5,000 to upwards of $25,000. If you are worried that this might be a concern for your home – make sure you discuss adding extra insurance to cover this dirty job.

6. Mold

Another sticky issue for homeowners is problems with mold. Most insurance companies offer either VERY limited coverage or completely exclude mold issues from coverage. Clean up and restoration can also be quite expensive. There are some circumstances where they may pay for mold cleanup due to a burst pipe – but if the pipe burst due to a lack of maintenance, even that claim could be rejected. It’s best to discuss the any potential mold issues with your insurance company.

7. Chemical, Nuclear, or Radioactive Damage

Though highly unlikely, any contamination or destruction caused by one of these catastrophic events is not covered by your homeowners insurance. The only exception is those living within a 10-mile zone of an operating power plant. For these exceptions, the company has its own liability insurance to protect those residents. All other homeowners are not covered for this type of damage.

More on Things Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover

It’s probably wise to review your policy to see if any of these 7 things Massachusetts homeowners insurance does not cover is of concern to you. These are simply a few examples. It may be easier to understand what your policy does cover rather than all of the things that it does not cover. Refer to your homeowners insurance policy document for full details. Reach out to your insurance provider with any questions that you may have or contact us for a quote on a new policy.