6 Things Not Covered By Massachusetts Homeowner’s Insurance

You’ve worked hard to acquire what you have in life and you do your best to protect those assets. Accidents happen, whether it’s a break in, fire, flood or other tragic event. There are 6 things not covered by Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance that you should be aware of. If properly prepared, you may be able to avoid a costly surprise.

High-Priced Personal Property

Your valuables may have both sentimental and monetary value. Unfortunately, some of the most expensive items such as jewelry, collectibles and handbags may not be covered by your standard home insurance policy. First and foremost, be sure to store these items in a safe place to minimize damage or loss. Secondly, inquire about an add-on to your policy to specifically cover these items. Although it will cost you to do so, that is certainly better than taking a total loss if they get stolen or damaged.


Sinkholes can be a scary natural phenomenon, but insurance companies do not protect you against them. Most insurance policies exclude any damage resulting from earth movement. Mudslides and earthquakes are a bit more common and can be predicted more easily. Sinkholes are often random. All can cause significant damage to your home. Inquire about an add-on policy to protect your home, especially if you live in an area prone to these incidents.


Harsh storms, high winds and high precipitation rates can result in some pretty serious flooding. Even burst pipes can fill a basement quickly with a few feet of water, if unnoticed. Standard Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance covers a lot, but flooding does not make the list. Flooding will require its own specific type of insurance. Understanding flood plains and the potential for flooding will help you decide whether to purchase flood insurance. Also, frequent plumbing checks will help you stay on top of any weak areas or leaks that may cause interior flooding.

Damage By Contractors

If you hire someone to do work on your home, make sure they are insured. Damage done by contracts or DIY projects will not be covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies. You can avoid this situation by doing your research before hiring contractors and avoiding fo-it-yourself projects for any major repairs.


Moisture can cause catastrophic damage to your home. When mold forms, your air quality is in jeopardy, your house’s structure may be weakened and your drinking water could be contaminated. Standard homeowner’s insurance does not protect you against a mold outbreak. If you spot moisture in your home, hire a professional to mitigate it and take measures to prevent future issues. Taking quick action can save you time, money, and stress!


Bouncing around in the backyard can be a ton of fun, but to an insurance company, it’s also a huge red flag. There are a myriad of injuries that can occur on a trampoline, especially those without a net around them. Because those injuries take place on your property, they will likely result in a claim against your homeowner’s insurance. Thus, most policies will exclude coverage for them, leaving you personally liable for any injuries. Consider this before purchasing a trampoline for your home.

Other Things Not Covered By Massachusetts Homeowner’s Insurance

These are just a few examples of things not covered by Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance.  Keep in mind that these are merely a few common examples. If you are uncertain about what your policy does or does not cover, contact your insurance company. Looking to compare options? Give Gorman Insurance a call. We work with many major providers and can find a policy that best fits your needs.