3 Things to Do After Renovating Your Home

construction6So…you’ve just made some exciting new home improvements – now what? Let’s check out some of the best things to do after renovating your home.

First and Foremost: Celebrate!

I’m sure your Instagram and FB accounts are already flooded with before and after photos. Keep them coming! What better way to share your enthusiasm with friends – and document the proof – than by taking lots of pics! Hey, it’s even a great way to give some props to your contractor and/or designer. Not to mention, it can be quite helpful when it comes to evaluating the resale value of your property.

Next: Contract Your Mortgage Company

All fanfare aside, it may benefit you financially too. As an added bonus, those renovations might help you eliminate the PMI if the value of the home went up high enough. It’s definitely worth the effort to investigate. Not only do you get to reap the benefits of all the aesthetic improvements, you may be able to save some money and get rid of that additional private mortgage insurance premium. A win/win situation all around!

Finally (and one of the most important things to do after renovating your home): Contact Your Home Insurance Company

We can’t stress enough the importance of contacting your home insurance company to make sure your coverage includes the value of these improvements. You’ve just spent a significant amount of money making these improvements and want to safeguard your investment! The last thing you need is to learn too late that these renovations weren’t covered as part of your plan. This might be the most valuable piece of advice we have to offer.

Once you’ve completed these three things to do after renovating your home – you’re free to go ahead and plan that house party to showcase the new look! And, of course…take more pictures!