3 Things Your Massachusetts Homeowner’s Insurance Policy May Be Missing

Most homeowners buy their insurance policy when they purchase a home and then forget about it,… that is, until they need to use it. Some are surprised to learn that certain things aren’t covered by their policy. Do you know what your policy includes, or more importantly, what it excludes? Here are 3 things your Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance policy may be missing.

1. Sewage Backup Coverage

If your sewage system fails, it could lead to a messy situation. What makes it even worse is to learn that your Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the clean up! Sewage backups can occur even if you are connected to a public sewer system. For instance, during heavy rain storms, public drains may fill up. Some are tied to sewage pipes and can get clogged, causing sewage to backup into the pipes of your home. Most companies do not cover sewage backup unless you specifically select it as an add-on.

2. Flooding Coverage

We’ve had a few storms this winter that caused major flooding. With Spring approaching, there will likely be additional flooding dangers. What some homeowners don’t realize is that flooding can occur even if you’re not in a flood zone. Unless you specifically purchased flood insurance, weather related flooding is not covered by your Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance policy.

3. Personal Property Coverage

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies normally offer some coverage for personal property, but it’s often not enough. If you have expensive jewelry, antiques, or collectibles, you should really purchase additional personal property coverage.

Other Things Your Massachusetts Homeowner’s Insurance Policy May Be Missing

These are just a few things that your¬†Massachusetts Homeowner’s Insurance Policy may be missing. It’s important to know the specifics of your insurance policy. The cost to add riders for additional coverage is often inexpensive and worthwhile. Contact us for a review of your policy and a quote for add-on protection.