Car Insurance for Children Away at College | Student Driver Away Discounts

mistakes7If you have a student in college or heading to college soon, you may be wondering what to do about their car insurance. You may be inclined to cancel their car insurance since they will be at school and not driving very often. However, this may be a mistake. If your child will be driving a car, even occasionally, it is important to have coverage. Many insurance companies offer student driver away discounts for children away at college.

Student Driver Away Discounts

Student driver away discounts are available for children who go to school at least 100 miles away from home and do not have a car on-campus. Some insurance companies also have an age restriction (i.e. up to age 23). Since these students may only drive occasionally, insurance companies provide a discount to make retaining coverage more appealing to parents.

Importance of Car Insurance for Children Away at College

Although your children may not drive a car every day while attending school, they may drive when they are home for a visit or perhaps if they borrow a friend’s car while at school. Accidents can happen at any time. If your child is involved in an accident and is found liable, they may be held financially responsible for damages. Given that your children are still dependents, that burden would pass on to you. For their protection, and for yours, it is important to retain car insurance for children away at college.

Amount of Discounts

Student driver away discounts typically range from 10% to 30% of the annual premium. Although this may seem like a very little discount given how infrequently they may be driving, the risk of not having coverage would be much higher. Accidents involving personal injury and associated medical bills can easily reach high dollar amounts. Unless you have excess disposable income to cover such damages, it is best to retain insurance coverage.

More on Student Driver Away Discounts

Contact your insurance company for additional information on student driver away discounts. You may be asked for verification of school enrollment, such as a tuition bill. While on the phone with your insurance provider, be sure to check other aspects of your coverage and other discounts for which you may qualify. This information was provided by Gorman Insurance Agency, a car insurance company in Greater Boston, Massachusetts.