6 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance for Teens

The cost to insure new teen drivers can be a bit of sticker shock for most parents. Unfortunately, teen drivers are statistically more likely to get into accidents. Thus, insurance rates will be higher for them. But for the same reason, it’s extremely important to get insured. Here are a few ways to save money on auto insurance for teens.

1 – Take Driver’s Education Class

Most insurance companies offer a discount for teen drivers who have completed a formal driver’s education program. Such programs ensure that drivers are more informed about safe driving practices and local laws. They also receive direct professional driving instruction. In some stats, completing this program also allows teen drivers to obtain their license earlier.

2 – Compare Rates

Any time you are making significant changes to your policy, it’s a good idea to compare different providers. If you are using an independent insurance agent, then they can do this for you! This wills ave you significant time.

3 – Add to Your Own Policy

Rather than purchasing a separate policy for your teen, consider adding them to your existing policy. This can earn you a multi-driver discount. If your teen is only an occasional driver, this makes the most sense anyway.

4 – Select a Car with Lower Insurance Rates

Not all cars are viewed equally when it comes to insurance rates. Although the overall value of a car is a factor, so is the make and model. Vehicles with high theft rates, for example, are more costly to insure. Thus, if cost is a major factor when purchasing a vehicle for your teen driver, request an insurance quote before finalizing your purchase.

5 – Ask About Discounts

Always ask about available discounts, especially for teen drivers. Some insurance companies offer discounts for good grades in school. Why? Because students who do well in school are also more likely to be responsible drivers. Membership in certain organizations or employment with certain companies may also earn discounts. Inquire about all potential savings for your teen drivers,… after all, every little bit counts!

6 – Reinforce Good Driving Habits

Encouraging good driving habits is the best way to save money on insurance for teen drivers. This, of course, means avoiding moving violations and accidents. Over time, a good driving history will directly lead to lower insurance premiums!

More Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance for Teens

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