Auto Safety

Avoid Forgetting Children in Cars

Every year, you hear of children dying in hot cars because a parent forgot them in the back seat. If you're like most parents, you can't imagine how someone could forget their child. You also think that it would never happen to you. The reality is … [Read more...]

Safety Tips for Driving in Wet Weather

It's Spring time,...well, sort of. The snow we've been having should really be rain. Don't fret as there will be plenty of rain to come. We thought this was an appropriate time to pass along some safety tips for driving in wet weather. Reduce Your … [Read more...]

Snow Driving Safety Tips

We've had our first Massachusetts snow storm! It wasn't a big storm, but it was a potentially dangerous one. We thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of some snow driving safety tips. Driving Visibility It is important to adequately … [Read more...]

Hot Weather Driving Safety Tips

We're officially going through a heat wave! With temperatures in the 90's, especially for several days in a row, there are additional dangers of driving. Keep these hot weather driving safety tips in mind and stay safe! Danger of Overheating The … [Read more...]