Homeowners Insurance

Credit Score Impact on Insurance Rates

As consumers, we all know that credit scores affect loan and credit card qualifications. A lesser known fact is the credit score impact on insurance rates. This might be puzzling to some, so below are some details on why credit scores matter and how … [Read more...]

4 Home Features That Increase Homeowners Insurance Rates in Massachusetts

There are many factors that contribute to insurance costs. Your home’s features do contribute to the perceived risk of your policy. It is important to be aware of that. Below are 4 home features that increase homeowners insurance rates in … [Read more...]

Autumn Home Repair Checklist

As the leaves change color this season, it's a reminder that winter is around the corner. It's a great time to complete some DIY home repairs. Here are some items to include in your Autumn home repair checklist. It's A Great Time to Paint Autumn is … [Read more...]

Reasons NOT to file MA Homeowners Insurance Claims

Homeowners insurance is not the type that you should look to use/maximize as much as you can. In fact, filing numerous or frivolous claims can backfire in the form of increased insurance premiums or even denied future coverage. Homeowners insurance … [Read more...]

Personal Property Coverage under MA Homeowners Insurance

Most MA homeowners insurance policies come with personal property coverage. This covers personal belongings in your home such as furniture and electronics. Generally speaking, the base coverage is not sufficient to cover everything in your home, so … [Read more...]

3 Things That Increase MA Homeowners Insurance Rates

We often think about things that can reduce our insurance rates, but it's equally important to avoid things that could increase your rates. Here are a few things that increase MA homeowners insurance rates: Installing a Trampoline Kids love … [Read more...]

Impact of Claim History on MA Homeowners Insurance Rates

Similar to how mortgage companies review your credit history before approving a loan, insurance companies review several types of information when quoting you a rate. It's not strictly the home that determines your annual premium. In fact, insurance … [Read more...]

Does MA Homeowners Insurance Cover Food Poisoning?

The holiday season is upon us and for many that means joyful reunions with friends and family members, cocktail parties, football game gatherings, and of course…consuming lots of food! From Thanksgiving through the New Year we’ll be imbibing and … [Read more...]

How Solar Panels Affect Homeowners Insurance in MA

Everywhere you look these days, solar panels are popping up on rooftops. Solar panel companies have been making a big push in New England, with many sales people go door-to-door to get homeowners to sign up. If you're considering adding solar panels … [Read more...]

Common Discounts on MA Homeowners Insurance

Everyone is looking to save money these days. We naturally look for sales and other discounts when we're shopping at stores, but we often forget about home expenses. If you haven't reviewed your homeowners insurance policy lately, you may be missing … [Read more...]