Homeowners Insurance

Impact of Claim History on MA Homeowners Insurance Rates

Similar to how mortgage companies review your credit history before approving a loan, insurance companies review several types of information when quoting you a rate. It's not strictly the home that determines your annual premium. In fact, insurance … [Read more...]

Does MA Homeowners Insurance Cover Food Poisoning?

The holiday season is upon us and for many that means joyful reunions with friends and family members, cocktail parties, football game gatherings, and of course…consuming lots of food! From Thanksgiving through the New Year we’ll be imbibing and … [Read more...]

How Solar Panels Affect Homeowners Insurance in MA

Everywhere you look these days, solar panels are popping up on rooftops. Solar panel companies have been making a big push in New England, with many sales people go door-to-door to get homeowners to sign up. If you're considering adding solar panels … [Read more...]

Common Discounts on MA Homeowners Insurance

Everyone is looking to save money these days. We naturally look for sales and other discounts when we're shopping at stores, but we often forget about home expenses. If you haven't reviewed your homeowners insurance policy lately, you may be missing … [Read more...]

3 Things to Do After Renovating Your Home

So…you’ve just made some exciting new home improvements – now what? Let’s check out some of the best things to do after renovating your home. First and Foremost: Celebrate! I’m sure your Instagram and FB accounts are already flooded with before … [Read more...]

Saving Money on MA Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of many costs related to home ownership. Fortunately, it is also one that has some flexibility. There are many different ways of saving money on MA homeowners insurance. Here are a few. Bundle Insurance … [Read more...]

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Rates In MA

Many things affect home insurance rates. Insurance providers evaluate both the property and the homeowner to determine premiums. There are many different factors affecting home insurance rates in MA, but they typically fall into two categories: … [Read more...]

Avoid Food Poisoning During the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year marked by big gatherings of family and friends. With those gatherings come lots of food, and probably lots of leftovers. According to the Center for Disease Control, food poisoning incidents rise during the … [Read more...]

Tips on MA Homeowners Insurance Quotes

If you're in the market for a new home in Massachusetts, you probably are a bit overwhelmed with all of the different to-do's. When you actually have a home under agreement, one task on your list is to select a homeowners insurance policy. Here are a … [Read more...]

Do I Need MA Flood Insurance?

If you own a home in Massachusetts, you have probably wondered whether you need MA flood insurance. You should actually ask yourself this even if you're not in a flood zone. Over the last 10-15 years, there have been several major storms that caused … [Read more...]